Academic Catalog

Journalism (JOUR)

JOUR 200  - News Journalism  (3 Credits)  

An introduction to the techniques of newsgathering, including practice in news judgement, interviewing, and writing various kinds of news stories.

JOUR 300  - Investigative Journalism  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: JOUR 200. Practice using more advanced reporting techniques, such as using public documents and analyzing data to tell news stories.

JOUR 301  - Magazine Journalism  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: JOUR 200. Practice reporting and writing longform magazine stories incorporating multimedia for online audiences.

JOUR 380  - Practicum in Journalism  (1 Credits)  

Practice writing, taking photos, editing stories and other activities for the University of Mary Washington’s student newspaper, an experience that will help students learn the principles of sound journalism and how news helps to form community. May be repeated for a total of eight credits.

JOUR 491  - Individual Study  (3 Credits)  

Individual study under the direction of journalism professor.

JOUR 499  - Internship  (1-6 Credits)  

Supervised experience, typically off-campus, developed in consultation with the journalism professor by permission of the department. Credits variable. Up to three credits may be counted toward the Communication and Digital Studies Major.