Academic Catalog

Business Law (BLAW)

BLAW 201  - Legal Environment of Business  (3 Credits)  

This course focuses on the legal, political, and ethical framework in which businesses and other types of organizations operate. Topics include: common law and statutory business crimes and torts, common law contracts, business entities, securities regulation, employer/employee relations, environmental protection, and personal and real property laws. In addition, the legal consequences of the choice of business entity are explored while studying sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations.

BLAW 300  - Cybersecurity Law  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: College of Business major or Cybersecurity Major or permission of the Associate Dean for Faculty. Students will examine legal, policy, and ethical challenges stemming from cybersecurity threats involving government and nongovernment actors. Students will explore the national and international legal frameworks that govern malicious and defensive actions in cyberspace, including laws related to cybercrime, cyberespionage, privacy, and cyberwar. This is a core requirement for a cybersecurity major, and may satisfy the upper level business elective requirement for a business administration major.

BLAW 301  - Commercial Law  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: BLAW 201 or equivalent; and business administration major or permission of Associate Dean for Faculty. This course provides in-depth study of laws affecting commercial transactions and the rationale underlying rights and obligations of parties to these transactions. The Uniform Code is emphasized, especially the Articles dealing with Sales, Commercial Paper, Bank Deposits, Bulk Transfers, Document of Title, and Secured Transactions. The topics of Antitrust, Consumer Protection, Labor Law, and Insurance matters are explored.