Academic Catalog

Studio Art (ARTS)

ARTS 104  - Digital Approaches to Fine Art  (3 Credits)  

This course introduces basic tools and techniquies of computer generated art in the context of studio theory and practice.

ARTS 105  - Design Principles  (3 Credits)  

Basic study of design elements (line, shape, texture, value, color, scale, proportion...) and their use in the organization and construction of visual communication in both two and three dimensions.

ARTS 120  - Drawing I  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to the basic principles of structural and expressive drawing in composition using various media.

ARTS 219  - Digital Video Production  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: ARTS 104. A production focused introduction to video art with an emphasis on cinematography, editing, performance, and sound.

ARTS 220  - Intermediate Drawing  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: ARTS 120 or permission of instructor. Further study of drawing principles, compositional problems, and technique in various media.

ARTS 223  - Ceramics I  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: ARTS 105 or permission of instructor. Basic techniques of handbuilding and wheel throwing; introduction to studio procedures including making clay, preparing and applying glaze, and kiln firing.

ARTS 224  - Printmaking I  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: ARTS 120 or permission of instructor. Fundamentals of intaglio and relief processes in the production of multiple prints.

ARTS 226  - Animation  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: ARTS 104 An introduction to the methods, techniques and history of animation with a special focus on computer animation and traditional stop motion practices.

ARTS 227  - Wheel Throwing  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: ARTS 105. Introduction to working with clay on the potter’s wheel and the ceramic process. Students will create functional and sculptural forms while exploring high temperature glazes by firing both gas and electric kilns. Building and firing processes will be further informed through the study of historical and contemporary precedents.

ARTS 231A  - Sculpture I  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: ARTS 105 or permission of instructor. Basic techniques of construction are introduced, focusing on additive and subtractive approaches to form. Fundamentals of creative problem solving are covered, as well as an introduction to studio procedures and the use of power tools and machinery.

ARTS 241A  - Photography I  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: ARTS 105 or permission of instructor. A practical introduction to cameras and lenses along with basic darkroom techniques for printing black and white photographs. A study of the history of photography and basic photographic chemistry is included.

ARTS 242  - Painting I  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: ARTS 120 or permission of instructor. Fundamentals of problems, concepts, and materials in the study of pictorial organization with an emphasis on indirect and direct techniques in oils and acrylics.

ARTS 281  - Topics in Studio Art  (3-6 Credits)  

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Offers special topics in the theory and practice of making art.

ARTS 311A  - Ceramics II  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: ARTS 223 or permission of instructor. Emphasis on developing content and expression with ceramic materials through advanced wheel throwing and hand-building techniques. High temperature clays and firing methods are covered, along with glaze composition and surface development. Contemporary and historical techniques and research are integrated into course assignments.

ARTS 316  - Experimental Documentary  (3 Credits)  

This hybrid seminar/studio art course examines the rich history of documentary filmmaking, concentrating on the artists who challenged, questioned, and redefined this constantly evolving cinematic form. Weekly screenings, readings, and discussions, will focus on exploring modes of production historical context, and analyzing, ethical concerns.

ARTS 331B  - Sculpture II  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: ARTS 231A or permission of instructor. Conceptual approach to space and form is explored through a broad range of media. Performance, installation, and site-specific works employing found objects, constructed objects, sound, movement, etc., are introduced. Focus is on development of individual creative ideas and approaches to sculpture as a visual language. Slide presentations and lectures.

ARTS 341  - Multiple Imaging  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: ARTS 224 or ARTS 241A. Course expands upon skill and techniques learned in Photography I and/or Printmaking I, focusing on the idea of creating images in small editions. A variety of photographic, printmaking, and digital media techniques are explored. Reading, writing, research, and speaking assignments accompany studio work.

ARTS 342  - Painting II  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: ARTS 242 or permission of instructor. Advanced problems in painting practice including technical exploration in multiple painting media. This course is designed to promote recognition, formulation and articulation of concepts and perceptions about painting. Emphasis is on individual technical and conceptual development broadened by readings and research.

ARTS 350  - Photography II  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: ARTS 241A or permission of instructor. Study of contemporary concepts and techniques in photography as a fine art. Projects will concentrate on such areas as the aesthetics and ethics of photography, personal metaphors and non-objective elements, and provide hands-on experience with a variety of materials that go beyond basic black and white photography.

ARTS 381  - Special Topics in Studio Art  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: One Studio Art course at the 200-level. Course provides advanced study in a specific area of Studio Art with an emphasis on individual processes and extensive creative inquiry. The course is designed to facilitate the development of ideas that contribute to the artist’s content and decision-making processes, as well as the development of applied skills needed to manifest these ideas.

ARTS 442  - The Human Body  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: ARTS 242. Focuses on comprehensive painting and drawing techniques in representing the human form, as well as critical analysis of the use of the human body in contemporary art and visual culture.

ARTS 450  - Topics in Art and Art History  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: ARTS 105 and ARTH 114A or ARTH 115A, or permission of instructor. Offers topics that bridge traditional boundaries between Art History and Studio Art.

ARTS 454  - Approaches to Video Art  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: ARTS 104. A comprehensive look at the development of video and other time-based media as important art forms in contemporary art; explores the formal development, content, and format of various multi-media art forms.

ARTS 470  - Special Studies in Studio Art  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: Must have completed at least one 300-level course. Provides a study of a specific area in Studio Art. Topic is selected by faculty in consultation with students.

ARTS 474  - Professional Practices in Studio Art  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: Must have completed at least two 300-level studio art courses. Senior status preferred. Addresses contemporary issues in art and professional development as an artist. The course covers: development of a body of work, professional development in speaking and writing, artist resume, artist statement, artist biography, portfolio preparation, job opportunities, interview practices, graduate school application process, exhibition opportunities, grant funding for artistic work, residency opportunities, and financial accounting practices for the professional artist.

ARTS 475  - Senior Thesis Seminar  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: ARTS 474 Senior Studio Art majors are involved in independent research in their chosen medium or mode of expression. Individual studio research is supplemented through group meetings involving critiques, discussions, readings and field trips. Students apply all skills acquired during their course of study towards the development of a cohesive body of artwork. Analytical and conceptual approaches to art making are emphasized.

ARTS 491  - Individual Study  (3 Credits)  
ARTS 499  - Internship   (1-12 Credits)  

Supervised off-campus experience developed in consultation with the Studio Art faculty. A maximum of three credits may count toward elective credit in the major.