Academic Catalog

Honors (HONR)

HONR 002  - Honors Leadership  (0 Credits)  

The purpose of the leadership component of the honors program is to provide students the opportunity to develop leadership skills to help promote/support the honors program. Prerequisite: Member of Honors Program.

HONR 003  - Honors-Co-curricular Events  (0 Credits)  

Participation in co-curricular activities exposes students to scholarship and learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Honors students are required to participate in at least one co-curricular activity per semester. Prerequisite: Member of Honors Program.

HONR 004  - Honors Portfolio  (0 Credits)  

Honors Program Portfolio - each Honors Scholar is required to assemble an electronic portfolio of Honors Program work. Prerequisite: Honors Program Scholar.

HONR 005  - Honors Capstone Preparation  (0 Credits)  

A workshop series that informs students about the process, expectations and deadlines for the required Honors capstone project. Must be completed a minimum of one semester before the capstone experience.

HONR 201  - Honors Service Learning  (1 Credits)  

Supervised on-campus or off-campus mentored service learning project developed in consultation with the Honors Program staff.

HONR 491  - Honors Individual Study  (1-4 Credits)  

Honors Individual Study - Individual Study under the direction of a faculty member. Prerequisite: Honors Program Committee permission.