Academic Catalog

American Studies (AMST)

AMST 201  - Introduction to American Studies  (3 Credits)  

This course is an introduction to American Studies and the types of research and methodologies that are used in this interdisciplinary field.

AMST 202  - Sophomore Special Topics Seminar Sophomore Special Topics Seminar  (3 Credits)  

This sophomore/junior readings seminar will be offered on a variety of topics based on the particular interests and experience of the instructors.

AMST 203  - American Protest  (3 Credits)  

This seminar explores how social movements have demanded access to political, cultural, and economic institutions in order to generate change and promote social justice.

AMST 204  - American Foodways  (3 Credits)  

This seminar looks at the ways in which foodways relates American society and culture, and develops many of the skills that are central to interdisciplinarity.

AMST 303  - Junior Special Topics Seminar  (3 Credits)  

This junior readings and research seminar will be offered on a variety of topics based on the particular interests and experiences of the instructors. Student research, which will culminate into a 20-page paper, is central to this course.

AMST 305  - American Gender and Sexuality  (3 Credits)  

This seminar explores the ways in which various disciplines explore the behaviors and attitudes tied to gender and sexuality in the United States.

AMST 306  - Museums in the US  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to museums in the United States with a focus on how past practices are connected to ongoing debates, dilemmas, and opportunities in the field.

AMST 333  - Issues in Human Rights   (3 Credits)  

Analysis and discussion of changing concepts of human rights and the movements that have defended and broadened them.

AMST 350  - Topics in American Studies  (3 Credits)  

Explores specific topics in American Studies, e.g., "The Impact of Darwin on American Thought" ; offered occasionally- depending on faculty resources and student interest;may be used to meet part of the related field requirements.

AMST 485  - Senior Thesis  (3 Credits)  

A significant research project pursued under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

AMST 491  - Individual Study   (3 Credits)  

Directed individual research on problems in American Studies, as approved by the Director.

AMST 499  - Internship   (1-12 Credits)  

Supervised off-campus experience, developed in consultation with the Director. No credit in the major.