Withdrawal for a Term, Voluntary

Regardless of the date, students who wish to drop or withdraw from all of their courses are voluntarily withdrawing from study for that term. Ceasing to attend classes does not constitute a withdrawal and may result in failing grades as well as additional charges. Such withdrawals must be completed by the last day of class for the session or term. If students have received grades in a completed session of the term, they are not eligible to withdraw. In this case, students may drop courses registered for in the upcoming session; however, they are subject to drop policies for the courses, and grades received for courses in completed sessions will be recorded as part of the student’s permanent academic record for the term.

To withdraw from a term, students must complete a withdrawal form available through the Office of the Registrar webpage. A student who fails to withdraw properly may incur additional charges and may receive failing grades. Students are fully responsible for all outstanding charges on their accounts. Students will not be permitted to return to the University or register for courses until their account is cleared. Students living in the residence halls must vacate their rooms if they withdraw for the term.

Military Activation and Withdrawal from the Term

Students who are in military service (active duty, reserves, or National Guard) and will be unable to complete the courses in which they are enrolled because of a military deployment, mobilization, or change in duty assignment may withdraw from all courses as of the effective date on their military orders. Students should contact the Office of the Registrar in order to process the course withdrawals, and a copy of the military orders must be provided as documentation. Students withdrawing in this manner will receive a full refund of all tuition and fees and pro-rated refunds for dining or housing contracts. Textbooks purchased from the UMW Bookstore may be returned for credit in accordance with the UMW textbook return policy. For withdrawals occurring beyond return policy end date, students should bring books to the Bookstore for the best available buyback prices.

Withdrawal from the University

Students who discontinue attendance for three consecutive semesters or more (including a term in which the student withdrew from the University) are no longer considered to be in a degree program at the University and are withdrawn from the University. Students who wish to return to study must reapply for admission following the process described in the section on Readmission/Reinstatement.

Administrative Withdrawal (Non-Academic)

After the last day to withdraw from the term has passed, a student may petition the University for a retroactive administrative withdrawal from all courses in a given term for substantiated nonacademic reasons. Nonacademic reasons include matters such as hospitalization, debilitating mental illness, incarceration, or a family crisis. Administrative withdrawals of this nature are extremely rare and require appropriate and detailed documentation including a rationale explaining why the student was unable to withdraw by the last day of classes.

Petitions for Non-Academic Administrative withdrawals are initiated by the student through the Office of Academic Services on the “General Request Form.” All petitions for retroactive withdrawals must be made prior to the last day of classes in the subsequent semester. Partial retroactive withdrawals (i.e. from only some courses) are not offered and all grades for the semester in question will be indicated as a W if the petition is approved.

Following receipt of the appeal, the Director of Academic Services will initiate a formal review of the request. If the retroactive withdrawal is approved, the faculty members of the courses in which the student was withdrawn will be notified by the Director of Academic Services. The explanation provided will indicate simply that the withdrawal was done for substantiated non-academic reasons and was approved following careful review of documentation submitted. The nature of the reasons behind the withdrawal action will not be disclosed.

UMW’s standard refund schedules apply to retroactive administrative withdrawals and no special refunds or financial considerations will be offered.