Academic Catalog

Grading and Grade Reports

Course Grades

Academic performance in any course is rated according to the following system:

Grade Quality Points Description
A 4.00 quality points Excellent
A- 3.70 quality points
B+ 3.30 quality points
B 3.00 quality points Commendable
B- 2.70 quality points
C+ 2.30 quality points
C 2.00 quality points Acceptable
C- 1.70 quality points
D+ 1.30 quality points
D 1.00 quality points Marginal
F 0.00 quality points Failure

The following grades carry 0.00 quality points:

Grade Quality Points
PA Pass in a Pass/Fail Class
FA Failure in a Pass/Fail Class
SA Satisfactory
UN Unsatisfactory
W Course Withdrawal
I Incomplete
G Delayed Grade
CI Test Incomplete (Test Failed For Credit-by-Examination)
CR Credit-by-Examination
TR Transfer Credit
NG Audit
NC No Credit
ZC Zero Credit

See the additional information relevant to grading in the sections covering pass/fail grades, satisfactory/unsatisfactory grades, and incomplete grades.

Grade-Point Average

Grade-point averages are computed only on courses taken at the University of  Mary Washington. Each grade, “A” through “D” carries a numeric quality-point value which, when multiplied by the number of course credits, produces the number of quality points for the course. The overall cumulative grade-point average (GPA) is the product of the total number of quality points divided by the total number of completed UMW graded credits. For example, a three-credit course with a grade of “A” provides 12 quality points (3 credits times 4.0 quality points = 12 quality points); a four-credit course with a grade of “A-” would yield 14.8 quality points (4 credits times 3.7 quality points = 14.8 quality points). A student who completed 15 graded credits with a total of 45 quality points would have a grade-point average of 3.0. Transfer credits (including AP, IB, Cambridge, ACE, DANTES, and CLEP), credit-by-examination, physical education or 100-level dance credits, or courses taken for a pass/fail grade for which a pass grade (PA) was earned are not included in the computation of the grade-point average (GPA). However, a failing grade (FA) received in a course taken for a pass/fail grade will be included in this calculation.

Mid-Semester Grade Report

In the middle of each semester, faculty submit student progress reports of satisfactory (S), unsatisfactory (U), or never attended (N). Although the report is not entered on a student’s permanent record, mid-semester reports are posted in Banner and sent to advisors. Because a “U” is a warning that significant improvement is needed, the student should consult instructors, advisors, or the Office of Academic Services for assistance.

Final Grade Report

Final grade reports are made available to students at the end of each semester. According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended, a federal law, a student’s educational record may not be disclosed to anyone outside the University, including parents, without the student’s written permission.