Academic Catalog

Class Standing and Academic Progress

If a B.A./B.S./BSEd student intends to graduate in eight semesters, normal progress toward a degree is a minimum of 28 credits completed by the end of the second semester of the first year and 15 to 18 credits completed during each of the remaining six semesters for a total of 120 credits. Under this definition of normal progress, students are classified as follows:

  • First Year: 1 to 29 credits
  • Sophomores: 30 to 59 credits
  • Juniors: 60 to 89 credits
  • Seniors: 90 or more credits

Students who wish to accelerate their progress and graduate in fewer than eight semesters must consistently take 17 or 18 credits each semester and attend summer sessions. In this way, a student can graduate in three calendar years.