Academic Catalog

Prerequisite and Corequisite Courses

Prerequisite courses must be taken in the appropriate sequence to count toward graduation. A prerequisite for a course is the required preparation for that course. If course 101 is specified as a prerequisite for course 102, then course 101 must be successfully completed (passed) before the student takes course 102. Course prerequisites are listed in the course descriptions published in this Catalog, and are also available in the online Schedule of Courses. Students are responsible for checking their courses before registering.

As a general rule, no course may be taken for credit that is a prerequisite for, or introductory to, a course already completed successfully. In rare instances, and in the event of compelling reasons, a student may need to take a course out of sequence (e.g., take a course that is a higher-numbered course before or concurrently taking the lower-numbered, prerequisite course). Students seeking permission to take a course out of sequence MUST obtain the permission of the course instructor and the department chair prior to registration.

corequisite is a course to be taken at the same time as another specified course, or courses, as designated by the department. A corequisite course may also be completed before taking the course or courses with which it is paired.