Academic Catalog

Taking Graduate Courses as an Undergraduate

An undergraduate student with 18 or fewer hours of course work remaining for degree completion may take up to two graduate courses. Such graduate credit may count as undergraduate electives or toward major program requirements (if applicable). The student must either be in an undergraduate program requiring a graduate course as part of the undergraduate degree requirements (such as the BSN program) or have a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade-point average and must receive permission from his/her academic advisor and the chair of the department/program offering the course. The University also offers Accelerated Degree Programs in which undergraduate and graduate degrees have a maximum of four common courses. These courses are offered at the graduate level, and may be taken by students who apply for and are conditionally admitted to the graduate program during their undergraduate studies. Accelerated degree programs are noted in both the Undergraduate and the Graduate Academic Catalogs. The courses may count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees if formal admission to the graduate degree program is received within five years of the award of the undergraduate degree. All graduate courses applied to the undergraduate degree will count in the undergraduate grade-point average.