Academic Catalog

Admission Following High School

A student who wishes to enter Mary Washington as a freshman immediately after graduating from high school should submit the Common Application including UMW supplemental questions, along with the non-refundable application fee or an official fee-waiver form. High school transcripts should be submitted directly to the University from the school. Applicants who choose or are required to submit the results of the SAT, ACT, or any other standardized tests should have those scores sent directly to the Office of Admissions at the University of Mary Washington.

High School Preparation

Each applicant must have graduated from an accredited secondary school or the equivalent with credit for at least 16 academic courses emphasizing college preparatory work. Although the University does not require specific courses for admission, successful applicants usually have completed four years of English, three or more years of mathematics (including Algebra II), three or more years of laboratory sciences, three or more years of social sciences, and at least three years of one foreign language or two years each of two foreign languages. In addition to the core academic courses, elective credits earned in subjects such as art, computer science, drama, journalism, and music are appropriate. The University strongly recommends that candidates for admission pursue advanced, honors, dual enrollment, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or Cambridge courses when appropriate. To ensure success at the University of Mary Washington, the senior year in high school is extremely important. Applicants should enroll in core academic subjects such as English, mathematics, laboratory sciences, social studies, and foreign language through the final term of high school.

Character, Personality, and Interests

The University welcomes recommendations from appropriate school officials. The recommendations should assess academic potential as well as character, personality, or interests. Activities that reflect leadership or intellectual interests are significant if they reinforce sound academic achievement. Since the University of Mary Washington operates under an honor system, assurance of personal integrity is essential.

Standardized Tests

Students may opt to not provide a standardized test score as part of the packet of material required for consideration for admission. Home schooled applicants, candidates applying from schools that provide written evaluations rather than grades, candidates for merit-based scholarships, (including the Washington and Alvey Scholarship), and applicants to the pre-nursing pathway must submit ACT or SAT test results. Tests should be taken no later than January or February of the senior year of high school.

Admission Plans

Students applying for admission as freshmen may be considered under one of the following three plans:

Early Decision. Students with strong academic records whose single first choice college or university is UMW and who submit their applications by November 1 will be considered for early admission and early enrollment.  Early Decision admission is binding.  Students will submit an Early Decision Agreement signed by the student, parent and high school counselor indicating the student will attend the University if offered admission and will withdraw any application elsewhere.  Students will be notified of admission by mid-December and are expected to make their deposit by January 15.

Early Action. Students with exceptionally strong academic records who submit their applications by November 15 will be considered for early notification of their admission. The Committee will admit students under the Early Action plan on the basis of outstanding high school performance and standardized test scores. Students who receive Early Action admission will be notified by late January but need not make a commitment to attend the University until May 1.

Regular Admission. Most applicants will be considered for admission under the Regular Admission plan. All freshman applications for fall semester admission should be submitted by February 1; applicants who meet this suggested filing date will be notified of the admission decision by April 1. Applications filed after February 1 will be considered as space permits. Various deadlines concerning final transcripts, deposits, and medical examinations occur following the offer of admission. All students accepted for admission will be sent the necessary information concerning these requirements. The University adheres to the May 1 National Candidates’ Reply Date.

Deferred Enrollment

Accepted applicants may ask the University for the option of deferring enrollment for up to two consecutive semesters by notifying the Office of Admissions in writing. Any deposits paid by students who defer enrollment are held as a credit until the student matriculates. In cases involving military deployment, mobilization, or change in duty assignment, accepted applicants may request to extend the enrollment deferment for longer than two consecutive semesters. Any such requests will be considered on an individual basis. A copy of the person’s military orders must be provided to the Office of Admissions to support such a request. Any accepted applicant who is eventually unable to matriculate to the University of Mary Washington because of military service will have any deposits fully refunded. Those who are granted deferred enrollment are subject to rules, regulations, and financial charges in effect when they actually matriculate. Students who enroll at another institution before enrolling at the University of Mary Washington may not defer and must reapply for admission.