Academic Catalog

Admission to the Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) Program

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) program is designed to meet the needs of non-traditional students who have some college experience and want to complete a bachelor’s degree in the liberal arts or sciences. The program is intended for students who, for example, have graduated from high school six or more years ago; are financially self-supporting; or have significant life or professional experiences that translate into academic knowledge that can contribute to the completion of the Bachelor’s degree. Students in the BLS program may choose from a multidisciplinary major in Leadership and Management online or Criminal Justice open only to students in the Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree program; any of the majors available to arts and sciences degree students; or they may create a self-designed, interdisciplinary major (subject to approval by the Bachelor of Liberal Studies Committee).

To be admitted to the BLS program, applicants must have completed 30 transferable college credits with a minimum grade-point average of 2.5. A minimum of 15 of these credits should come from college courses taken at a regionally accredited institution. Non-traditional credits (for example, credits earned through the College Level Examination Program, credits for military experience or training, and credits documented by a life/work experience portfolio) are also accepted in transfer to the BLS program.  Students may begin the program in the fall, spring, or summer.  Prospective students should complete their applications by the April 1 for the fall semester, October 15 for the spring semester, and March 1 for the summer session. Applicants should submit the adult degree completion application, essay, and official college transcripts from all institutions attended. Additionally, any standardized test scores or military course work transcripts may be sent to the Office of Admissions to be considered for academic credit.