Academic Catalog

Special Advisors


Students interested in accounting may focus their study in this area through electives in accounting. The accounting advisors help students select courses that meet their individual needs and interests, as well as develop the communication and critical reasoning skills necessary in today’s accounting profession. Courses offered at Mary Washington provide students with an opportunity to prepare for the uniform examinations required to obtain the designation of certified public accountant (CPA), certified management accountant (CMA), and certified internal auditor (CIA).

Health Sciences

The health sciences constitute a variety of professions providing health care. The basic liberal arts and science courses offered at Mary Washington prepare students for entering nursing, physical therapy, dental hygiene, medical technology, occupational therapy, ophthalmic technology, optometry, physician assistant, and pharmacy programs. During their first year students must give careful attention to the professional school admission requirements, which are available on the respective school websites. The Pre-Physical/Occupational Therapy and Allied Health Advisors in the Department of Biological Sciences are available to help students select courses that meet these requirements, and prepare for the relevant admission examination.  Admission to professional institutions is, of course, very competitive, and depends on academic performance and scores on qualifying examinations.


Pre-medicine, pre-dentistry and pre-veterinary medicine are career paths, not majors. Students in pursuit of one of these clinical careers may select any of the major programs at the University. Although most pre-medical, pre-dental, and pre-veterinary students major in one of the sciences, students can easily major in one of the humanities or social sciences and complete their pre-medical courses as electives.

The pre-medical/pre-dental advisor provides academic guidance for the pre-clinical curriculum of the pre-medical and pre-dental students, and students thinking about pursuing one of these careers should contact the pre-medical advisor for an advising appointment. The advisor also heads the Pre-medical Advisory Board, a committee charged with the preparation of an institutional recommendation for each student to be sent to the medical and dental schools. The pre-veterinary medicine advisor provides academic guidance for students interested in veterinary medicine. These students should contact the pre-vet advisor for an advising appointment.


The pre-law advising system provides guidelines for students interested in entering law school. There is no prescribed “pre-law curriculum,” and students considering a legal career may focus their studies in any academic major. Students, however, are encouraged to enroll in courses that develop written and oral communication as well as critical reasoning. The pre-law advisor helps students to select courses that meet their individual needs, foster skills necessary to the legal profession, and prepare for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).

Teacher Education

The Teacher Education Program is approved by the Virginia State Department of Education. Students who complete an approved program qualify for licensure/certification in all the states with which Virginia has reciprocity agreements. Students major in an academic discipline and take professional education courses as electives. They have advisors both in their major discipline and in the  University’s College of Education.