Academic Catalog

Academic Advising

First-year students are advised by their First-Year Seminar (FSEM) instructor who works closely with the Office of Academic Services. After the first-year, undeclared students are advised by either their FSEM instructor or a professional advisor in the Office of Academic Services as part of a sophomore year experience focused on selecting an academic pathway. When students formally declare their major, they are assigned advisors by their respective department and college.

BLS Advising for incoming BLS students is provided by the BLS advisor and/or director. After declaring a major BLS students will be assigned a major advisor but also continue to be advised in the BLS Office.

BSN Completion Program Advising for all incoming nursing students is provided by the program director.  Returning students may be advised by the director or designed nursing faculty member.

Major Advising is provided by faculty in the student’s major department or college.  Major advisors are assigned by the department chair. Students will have a major advisor for each declared major. Students plan their course work with their major advisor so that they will be able to meet all graduation requirements in a timely manner. To change the major advisor, B.A./B.S.  students should contact the chair of the major department. BLS students should contact advisors in their respective areas for a change in major or concentration.

Non-degree students are not assigned to an advisor.

International students are also advised  by the Center for International Education and the Office of Academic Services.