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Center for Spatial Analysis and Research

The Center for Spatial analysis and Research (CeSAR) at the University of Mary Washington is an interdisciplinary research center focused on education, research, and application development in the field of geographic information science (GISc). The center provides customized educational programs, innovative solutions, and access to students and intellectual capital at UMW.

CeSAR professionals  encompass a wide variety of academic disciplines and broader GIS experience. To support its mission, CeSAR provides state-of-the-art technology and facilities. The Center serves as a leader and catalyst for the advancement of geospatial thinking and analysis for academic institutions, private industry, and the public sector.

The Center seeks to raise the visibility of existing activity, to encourage linkages and to stimulate new research and education at UMW in the rapidly developing field of GISc. It accomplishes this mission by serving research, education, and administration with computer infrastructure support; shared hardware resources; distribution of site licensed software; specialized instructional classes and seminars; data development, repository and access; consulting services; programming support; community building; and outreach.