Academic Catalog

Terms and Methods of Payment

University of Mary Washington accepts payments in a variety of ways. For complete details, see the Office of Student Accounts web page regarding “Methods of Payment” accepted. 

All fees, including room and board, are billed to students through EaglePAY within the student’s portal and are payable in advance of the beginning of the semester. If a student wishes to designate additional authorized payers, he/she may do so through EaglePAY. This will allow those authorized by the student to access the student’s bill. For further instructions, please contact the Office of Student Accounts.

Room and Tuition Deposits

After receiving notice of acceptance for admission students must make a deposit ($550 for residential students, $300 for non-residential students). Please note that for residential students only $300 will be credited to the account and the other $250 will be held as a contingent fee to be refunded less any outstanding balance at the point they either graduate or move off campus.

Statements and Due Dates

The University emails each student a notification that a bill is available for viewing online well in advance of the beginning of each semester. Payment is due prior to the start of each semester (the cancellation date). Students with an unpaid balance as of the due date (and who have not set up a payment plan) will have their course registration administratively cancelled.

Payment plans are offered to degree seeking students through a third party approved by the University. Additional details about payment plans and the University’s Payment Policy are available at the Student Accounts website.

Throughout the semester, a student may incur additional charges on their account such as library fines, lost library books, parking tickets, prescriptions, lost keys, building and equipment damage, and other miscellaneous charges.  Any student whose full account has not been settled may not receive grades or transcripts, be able to pre-register for classes, or be eligible to return to the University until the account is settled.

Scholarship and Loan Awards

Normally, one-half of the annual financial aid awarded through the Office of Financial Aid is shown on each semester statement. If state, federal or UMW grants/scholarships that were awarded are not credited on the statement, the student may check their student portal for missing documents and then contact the Office of Financial Aid. Some scholarships are not paid until the successful completion of the semester. In these cases, you may not deduct these scholarships from the amount due.

A student receiving financial aid from a source other than the University must make sure that payment is received prior to the start of the semester. Awards and loans from sources other than the University will not be credited to the account until they are actually received at the Cashier’s Office. One half of the award will be shown on each semester unless otherwise directed in writing by the granting source.

Delinquent Accounts

Any charge incurred in collecting a delinquent account will be added to the account. This applies but is not limited to fees charged by an attorney or collection agency.

Refund of Fees

A student who withdraws from the University during the semester should promptly complete an official withdrawal form in the Office of the Registrar in Lee Hall (Fredericksburg campus) or on the Stafford campus. A copy of the form must be sent or delivered to the Office of Student Accounts and will serve as the basis for withdrawal charges and credits.

Students who are in military service (active duty, reserves, or National Guard) and withdraw from all courses in a given term as a result of a military deployment, mobilization, or change in duty assignment will receive a full refund of all tuition and fees and pro-rated refunds for dining or housing contracts. Military change orders must be provided to the Office of Student Accounts. Any deposits paid by students who discontinue enrollment as a result of a military service obligation will be fully refunded.