Academic Catalog


Fees vary by academic year. For the most up-to-date fees please visit the Student Accounts website.  

Any changes to the schedule of fees will be announced immediately. The University does not charge an additional fee for taking online courses.

Mandatory Processing Fee

A mandatory processing fee is charged to any student who registers for classes.

Audit Fee

This non-refundable fee is incurred when students take a course for no credit, and is charged to all part-time students (including graduate students) who audit a class and any full-time undergraduate student whose semester course load exceeds 18 credit hours by virtue of the audited course. Auditing a course is permitted on a space-available basis in courses where approval to audit is granted.

In-State Tuition Surcharge

As required by state law, an undergraduate student entitled to in-state tuition must pay a surcharge on all satisfactorily completed credit hours that are in excess of 125% of the credit hours required for an undergraduate degree.  The amount of the surcharge will be based on the difference in the rate paid for tuition by an in-state student and the actual cost of providing instruction.  Some credits on a student’s record, such as Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) credits, will not count toward the surcharge total. However, all UMW courses taken will apply to the surcharge threshold, and so will any transfer courses taken that are used to satisfy either general education or major requirements. For additional details, go to the explanation on the Student Accounts web page.

Tuition Overload Fee

A full-time student registering for more than 18 semester credit hours is required to pay an additional overload fee based on his or her residency.


Degree-seeking students are charged a fee when taking examinations for which credit may be awarded.

Special Course Fees

Some classes require the payment of a special instructional fee in addition to the tuition charge.

Education Abroad Fee

All students studying abroad must pay the education abroad fee. The fee applies to all education abroad programs occurring in the winter, spring break, summer session, semester, and the full academic year.

Late Payment Fee

A fee, which is 10 percent of the unpaid account balance (up to $250), will be charged to students whose accounts are not paid in full by the invoice due date. Interest may also be charged on all past due accounts.

Returned Payment Fee

There is a service charge for each check/e-check returned for insufficient funds or similar reasons. A cashier’s check or cash is then required in place of the returned payment. Payments returned for insufficient funds will be considered as nonpayment and subject to the 10 percent late fee.

Parking Fee

There is a parking fee and students should visit the Parking Management office’s website for more details.

Residential Fee

The residential fee is the cost per semester for University housing.