Academic Catalog

Classification As a Virginia Student

The Code of Virginia, section 23-7.4, governs eligibility for in-state tuition rates at Virginia public institutions of higher education. Please refer to the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia website ( for clarification on eligibility and any changes to the Code of Virginia regarding tuition benefit provisions.

In general, an independent student, or the parents or legal guardians of a dependent student, must have been legally domiciled in the Commonwealth of Virginia for one full and continuous year immediately before the first official day of class within the semester or term of the student’s program and must have paid Virginia state income tax on a full-time salary for that full year. Living in the state primarily to attend school does not constitute legal domicile. Certain exceptions are made for military personnel and their dependents. Detailed questions about domiciliary status are part of each application for admission. Questions about residency status should be directed to the Office of Admissions (540/654-2000), or Office of Student Accounts (540/654-1250).