Academic Catalog

Accelerated Degree Program with GMU Law School

The University of Mary Washington and the George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School have an accelerated dual degree arrangement allowing students to earn a baccalaureate degree through UMW and the Juris Doctor from George Mason University in six years rather than the usual seven. Students apply in the junior year and admission to Mason’s Scalia Law School is not guaranteed. The Scalia Law School shall make a holistic review of UMW’s applicants. In order to participate, the UMW student must be able to complete all general education and major field requirements for a four year baccalaureate degree by the end of the spring semester of their junior year of undergraduate study (or equivalent) and take the LSAT no later than December of the junior undergraduate year. Students admitted shall receive the baccalaureate degree from UMW upon successful completion of the first year of the program and in accordance with UMW’s normal graduation procedures. Students shall receive the Juris Doctor (JD) from Mason’s Scalia Law School upon completion of those requirements, in accordance with normal law school graduation procedures. For additional information and details about the application process, contact the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.