Academic Catalog

Definitions Related to Enrollment and Registration

Corequisite and Prerequisite Courses

Corequisite courses are two or more courses that must be completed concurrently.

A course that is required to be completed before enrollment in another course is considered a prerequisite course. Prerequisite courses must be taken in the appropriate sequence to count toward graduation. No student may enroll in a course with prerequisites unless the prerequisite courses have been successfully completed, or waived by the program director. The appropriate department chair or Associate Dean resolves prerequisite rule violations.

Course Numbering

The course number is a four-letter discipline code plus a three-digit number delineating the course level. Courses numbered below the 100 level do not carry credit that may be applied to a degree. Lower level undergraduate courses are numbered in the 100s and 200s and are typically introductory courses requiring little or no prior study in the field. Upper level undergraduate courses are numbered in 300s and 400s and require some previous course work in the field or a level of competence in the subject. Courses offered at the 500 level are graduate-level courses. Courses that are numbered in the 800s and 900s are non-degree professional development courses either at the pre- or post-baccalaureate level. These courses cannot be used toward the completion of degree programs at the University.

Directed Study

Degree or certificate students may undertake a directed study for academic credit to investigate a topic that is not covered by course offerings. Permission for a directed study project is granted by the department chair or Associate Dean, if there is an appropriate faculty member available to guide the student’s work. Students register for directed study projects with the Office of the Registrar by completing a directed study form signed by the supervising faculty member and the department chair or Associate Dean. Non-degree students may not enroll in directed study.

Schedule of Courses

The Office of the Registrar maintains the official listing of courses offered each fall, spring, and summer on its web site. All University courses adhere to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ accreditation guidelines and provide contact hours commensurate with the credits earned.