Academic Catalog

The Honor System

Another element basic to the University’s mission is adherence to the Honor System, which applies to every student enrolled at the University and constitutes one of the distinctive features of student life at the institution. This system, based upon the integrity of each student, provides that a student shall act honorably in all facets of campus life. The Honor Pledge required on quizzes, examinations, and other course work means that the submitted work is the student’s own, completed according to requirements for the course as determined by the instructor. Lying, cheating, and stealing are specific infringements of the Honor Code. In the case of an alleged violation, determination of responsibility and possible sanctions is made by students elected to the Honor Council. When a student is found “responsible,” the student may receive a sanction ranging from honor education to permanent dismissal from the University, and major sanctions will be noted on the student’s permanent academic transcript. All students and faculty should understand that by joining the University of Mary Washington community, they commit themselves to living by and upholding the Honor System. More information is available on the Honor System website.