Academic Catalog

Bachelor of Profess'l Studies (BPST)

BPST 314  - Business Legal Environment  (3 Credits)  

Students will examine a broad spectrum of legal principles as they relate to business organizations. Students will study the critical nexus between law and the environment in which business operates. Students will analyze the creation of rights, liabilites, and regulations under law, dispute resolution, contracts, torts, product liability and property issues. Students will study the different forms of business organization available and the fiduciary duties of officers, directors and shareholders. The legal aspects of the employment relationship as they relate to protection of trade secrets, agency, discrimination, and wrongful termination will also be covered. Students will analyze relevant legal cases and statues to learn the impact of law on organizations. Prerequisite: ENGL 101 or equivalent.

BPST 471  - Special Topics  (3-6 Credits)  

Prerequisite: Topic dependent. Selected topics that reflect faculty specialization or program needs. May be repeated for credit with a change in topic.

BPST 491  - Directed Study  (1-6 Credits)  

This is an individual study under faculty direction on a topic.

BPST 499  - Internship  (1-6 Credits)  

The Professional Internship Program offers students opportunities to experience various fields of employment while working with a variety of organizations on important and challenging projects. These experiences augment classroom learning while allowing on-the-job training.